Full Documentation will come once the first Stable version will be released.

Source codes includes some Demo projects to show you how to use each parts of the micro API GTA4NetScriptHookAdv.

Quick Guide (in progress)

HowTo Install the API



    • AsiLoader  
    • NetScriptHook


    1.   Unzip the Archive to your GTA4 root folder (e.g : c:\Program Files\Grand Thief Auto\)
    2. That's all :)



Archive Content :


Here what you'll find once the archive uncompressed.

{GTA4} = your GTA4 root folder (e.g : c:\program files\Grand Thief Auto\)

For Dev and for End Users

  • {GTA4}\GTAHookAdv.dll : this is the micro API, it MUST be in the same folder than GTALauncher.exe
  • {GTA4}\scripts\GTAHookAdvCore.net.dll : this is a GTA Script requiered by some classes, it share datas (e.g: caches) between all scripts.

Tiers Libraries : GTA4NetScriptHookAdv uses tiers libraries they are included into the archive and are needed by both devs and end users:

  • {GTA4}\ irrKlang.NET4.dll : library to play sounds http://www.ambiera.com/irrklang
  •  {GTA4}\ ikpFlac.dll : codec to play FLAC audio files
  • {GTA4}\ ikpMP3.dll : codec to play MP3 audio files

For Dev only :

  • {GTA4}\scripts\GTAHookAdvDemo.net.dll : this script gives an interface to launch demos, once in the game press F1 to display it.
  • {GTA4}scripts\XXXXX_Demo.net.dll : several scripts, one per demo.
  • {GTA4}\Sounds\ : several mp3 files for the demos


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