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This micro API extends NetScripHook api for GTA4. It make using of some features easier, also bring new ones such as :

-Overlay Managment : to easily display items on screen, you can play with opacity, colors. it will allways fits with player screen resolution.

-Sound Managment : Play 2D or 3D sounds, from sound files or streamed audio. Supports wav, mp3, ogg files or mp3 streams. 3D Sounds can be attached to an object, ped, vehicle.

-Mission Manager : to build your own missions with just few script lines.


Project still under development, but you can allready get source codes from here.

Feel free to include this API in your mods. You can also reuse parts of source codes or modify them, in this case DO NOT name it GTAHookAdv.dll . See licence  for more details.

A word about me in your credits will be appreciated ;)


This micro API and all my mods are all Open Source. Feel free to contact me for futher details.

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